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Why is there a Well, I got tired of searching all over the net to find the information I wanted on making beer. I wanted to know what was going on in the world of beer, have information on brewing and beer as well as be able to discuss these things with other like minded people. I had a few extra minutes (well, not really) and took it upon myself to create something of my own, something different. I figured I can do this and started researching and writing some of the articles that make up the content on Planning for was started in August 2003 and it went live in October 2003. Brew-Monkey is meant to be a place to learn, share, and explore information about homebrewing as well as a place that supports the promotion of real beer. is owned, designed, maintained, broken, fixed, etc. by Chris Love. Born on the East coast, growing up in the midwest and now residing on the West coast just outside Denver, CO - I am a 30 something guy with interests varying from luthiery, brewing, music, writing, and computers to restoration therapy, and martial arts. By weekday I am a computer professional, by night I can be found practicing jujitsu, as I have done since 1994. I spent 6 1/2 years working retail beverage service at a specialty beverage store in California purveying wine, beer and spirits to the masses. I would always get enjoyment out of someone coming back in the store and telling me that now they know specifically what they like in beer and can pick out something they enjoy and know why they enjoy it. Occasionally, I put on beer classes to help further the knowledge and appreciation of good beer. I love teaching people about good beer, be it commercial or homebrewing. To teach is to learn and I never want to stop learning. I am also an award winning homebrewer as well as a BJCP judge - scoring in the Certified class on the exam on my first attempt. With a desire to have a brew pub of my own, I continue to brew as much as time and space allow.

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