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Greg Doss - Wyeast Laboratories

Recommended aeration levels: 8-15 ppm

Aeration Test: Test the efficiencies of common aeration methods.

Dissolved Oxygen
Siphon Spray
4 ppm
0 sec.
Splashing and Shaking
8 ppm
40 sec.
Aquarium Pump
8 ppm
5 min.
Pure Oxygen with stone
8 ppm, 15 ppm, 22 ppm
20 sec., 80 sec., 2 min

Oxygenation Pure O2 and Stone
DO levels vs. Time

Conclusions - Aquarium pump with a stone is not an effective aeration method. Shaking is effective up to 8 ppm. Pure oxygen is easiest and most effective. A combination of oxygen and shaking can be used.

OG - 1.045
Temp - 68°F
Volume - 5 gal
Fermentor - Standard 5 gal glass carboy
Stone pore size - 2 micron (Liquid Bread Oxynater)
Oxygen Supply - Bernzomatic Oxygen - Flow rate with Bernzomatic was estimated at 3.5 LPM based on a visual comparison of stone activities (vigor of bubbles) with a regulator with gauges on a larger cylinder.

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